Tuesday, July 15, 2008

...visit @ DavAO Light CompAny...

Last Saturday, July 12, me and my colleagues(Hannah and Karren), visited the one of the biggest company in Davao City. The Davao Light Power Company. From the name itself, it produces light and electricity but not on all the regions of Davao.

9AM- Arrival of the team
The first person who arrived was Karren. Second is Hannah, then me, and lastly, the joiners to the gr
oup(joke), Kate. Kate was our photographer that time. When everybody arrived, we enter the office right ahead.

10AM- Call Time
Our schedule for the said interview is 10 am, but unluckily the people we supposed to interview didn't arrived yet. Around 10:10 am, we had finally advice to enter their confession room.

Into their confession room
the room was not that really arranged, The chair was out of place but the lights are many. Talagang they produced light and electricity because they weren't that tipid on lights. What I first saw was their aircondition, because when we eneterd the room, it was the first thing that sir opened after the lights had opened. We took pictures that time, as u can see.

The Arrival of Sir John
Sir John Albutra is the head of the Business Solutions Department(BSD) of the company. At first he asked us, if we are the only one,s who will conduct the said interview, because he was expecting we are a class who will conduct. He asked us about Sir Randy. He told us that he was a former student of Sir Randy on his college year. But actually, Sir John is a commerce graduate but he is a software developer in DLPC.

The Interview
After the meet and greet session, we started asking Sir about their company. DLPC started on 1973 and their department started 1984. He showed to us the history of making DLPC, but unfortunately, we haven't got the chance to save the presentation, because according to him, it's confidential. But still, were lucky to observed and seen the history of the company. Before, in the beginning of the company, they were only using a semi-computer with 4mb memory and can have the capacity of 300 words per minute. As the time goes by, they were able to change their equipments likely as of the uprising of technology. From literally file handling and unmodernizes organizing and managing their data resources, they turned up of using personal computers and mini-computers. The use of software and databases are common. Now, the database they are using is Oracle and MS SQL Server, There are also hardwares such as cisco IP phone on which they can teleconference to other site like Cebu and Subic. Travel is not their problem anymore. He also illustrates to us the distribution of power supply not only to Davao Cit but also to Panabo and Cotabato City as well. He discussed the responsibilities of each department as well. Actually, there are 4 departments and we are only focused on his department which is the BSD.

The Tour
After the discussion, we asked Sir if we can tour on his department and luckily he said yes. We entered their restriction area. We first approach the network infrastructure Dept, then the BSD and lastly the Billing Dept.

And thats the end of almost 3 hours staying at DLPC. It was really that fun and I enjoyed the tour. According to Sir John, pasaway talaga ang mag It, and I bet its true..



marco said...

Congratulations with the successful visit in Davao Light Co. Actually, it is not easy to conduct an interview and study there.

informaxona said...

Are there a lot of cute guys out there??hahah hmmm.. well, good luck to you and your groupmates for the upcoming undertakings that you'd undergo..

kEt kAwEn said...

am i a joiner???


it hurtz men u know!!!



i'm the prettiest kodaker ever nman noh..


rsgamboa said...

KUDOS ... very comprehensive entry in your journal ... hope others do the same ..