Thursday, July 24, 2008

...bEing A cOnsuLtant...

Regarding about the problem in the university today about the internet connection, let me give some simple ideas, tips, or maybe somewhat called a solution for the said problem. This moment, the solution of the University to fasten the internet connection is increasing of the bandwidth. But according to what had happened in the present situation, its not that big help. Though it is, but only for a while.

As a student of the University, I was required to pay miscellaneous and on the half, I'm capable of using the internet to serve my needs in terms with net browsing on my assignments, but on the forefront, its not that easy to line at nodal to wait for your turn to use the computer and if lucky(able to use one unit of the lab), the internet connection is not that very slow, but slow in processing. So instead of waiting for my turn, its easier for me to go to the nearest internet cafe.

But what would be some solutions(simple) but in fact can help the university to solve this situation.

It must be better that better planning is taken for the first place. Like what i observed in the planning of the University, they always end up wasting efforts and time. Why? Cause they always encourage themselves to take trial and error. They would just take the risk of losing recent informations, and they really wouldn't listen to those who are capable of suggesting preferably the right suggestions.

Next, the orientation stage. About the internet connection, they never had the chance to orient themselves about what will going to happen if error comes in their trial and error basis. Like for example, they increase the bandwidth but at the same time, they never notice that it is only for a meantime.

Next is change of hardwares and software. Luckily basis, having a new computer set in the school is an advantage. Though our school is a government school, budget is a factor. What about if they only think about the present situation in the laboratories today, hardware is also a factor that can affect the speed of the internet connection.

Next, try to use routers, hub or switch. Internet cafe's using such hardware and in fact that they can disseminate the internet in accordance to the numbers of computers they have.

More likely, I would really like to say that knowledge and planning is really a big factor..


rejserenity said...

aw! i like ur idea ate gel.. yet i dont know whats the agenda behind that planning..

may i know some of it.. haiz.. increasing internet speed in nodal is such a nice issue to deal with

hannah hernandez said...

true, for the whole time that i spent and still spending in this university there are still a lot of problems that exists. I believe that the management should act upon the problems at hand not only for the students sake but for everyone in the university

Lucky Mar said...

hehehe. increase of bandwith is now applied. It somehow lessen the burden of the user but still it is a temporary solution.

Lucky Mar said...

In addition, On your last part of suggestion, how can the school provide those devices? the school must have a proper funding for it.