Thursday, July 24, 2008

...bArrieRs in infOrmatiOn systEms...

I really dont know what to wite in here. I had a difficult time reseaching and surfing the net with this topic. And the url I found whose with connection with the topic is as the same with Hannah and Karren.

First, lets just define what is the meaning of barrier.. Barrier for me means in between or a thing that complicates the situation or simply means that it separates one thing from the other. So what are those things that complicates information systems?

First is on how a information is transmitted to the other. From the word information systems, itself, it deals with information and how to manage it. So on factor that complictes it is how to manage the information. Second, as always stated in every problem, the financial problem. Information systems required big or enough money for the compensation of the information. If in case the systems have a big project, financial state is a big major factor. Third is the time. Proper time consuming required of the managing systems. If in case a system is being upgraded to a much modern one, time is a factor to use it. Time must be properly used accordingly. And ofcourse, resources. Time is also used in finding and preparing a perfect or right resource for the system.

As a matter of fact, information systems are not the only one who I believe findong these problems difficlut one. And as same as i believe, any problems or difficulties have there own probling solving as well. Not only in the information systems, same as with the other who finds these barriers as one of the problem.

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hannah hernandez said...

..having obstacles along the way makes things more fun and challenging ,don't you think so.?? what we need to do is know those barriers and make solutions or ways to solve them. having done that we can be better IT developers..