Friday, July 4, 2008

...On tHe 21st centUry..

Hmmmm,i was merely mistaken about tje fact on 21st century. I thought that it the year in 21st century is on 2100, but it was the end of the 21st century. A really spoonky mistake.Hmmmm. The company on 21st century??
Actually, as observed in our HRM company, they have there own facilities that are technological increases. There are computers, laptops, fax machine, xerox machine and other facility. But what about the future yearsThere was one news I guessed in Korea, the receptionist in one of the company there is automated human machine that can interact with people and can answers questions promptly. Here in our country as well, same as the Coca-Cola bottlers that they have there own factory which is automated by human with machines. The sealing of bottles, the making of bottles, the refilling, etc.
If the company today develop there own technologies, maybe in the year ahead, machines collaborate more than human resource. Maybe on the second hand, robots and androids takes place rather than humans. If and only the technology uprises in our country. But in accordance also to the uprising of technology, worldwide, i bet that our country as well might upclose to the technoloical advancement.According to what Charmain have said, the human resouce is the great factor who might have affected on the uprising technology. Might as well, we are facing to environmental lost(Hope not). It might as well happen if and only the company may force to own specific land areas which may affect the environment. The fictional pictures of Final Fantasy might happen. Back to the topic. Everything we have right now may grow in accordance. Company in this century may take the competency globally, catch the latest issues on how there company developed. There will be more company producing much impact to the technology.
However, like Jade have said, what will happen to the human resource? A question may be answered negatively like less ooportunities to human because the evolution of artificial is also on the nth level, or maybe postively, in such that human is still the basic and most important key in every company. However, this question is still a big "?".Through the increasing technological advancement, there are some factors that we unconciously neglecting or vice versa. Hope that in the year ahead, we still think not only on our future but for our children(soon), as well..


rejserenity said...

no one would know what the future is.,

however, i expect that this would be more developed, more innovations are introduced, and more techies applications would exist

Ymreb Momville said...


nice article gel... ehehe agi lng ko...

agi pud sa ako blog ha???

hannah hernandez said...

I, too made a mistake in that term. I also thought that we were still in the 20th century..
anyways, with the way technology involves I think that in time medium sized companies can globalizae themselves through the aid of technology and info tech.