Tuesday, July 8, 2008


"Human beings are the most important, potent and critical, resource of any organization, and yet the least understood and the worst managed of its resources" Sad

Basically, HRM defines the people as the "essential part" of any organization, relate that to our body,its the heart. Human are born with unique and hidden talents from within. God created each individual to become a defined quality of his own work. Likewise in an organization.

"Human beings are the most important, potent and critical resource of any organization". Like what i have just stated, people is the heart of an organization. Without human, who will do the job and who will think for the organizations future. Critical resource? Because not everyone is acquiring the same mind or talents as of the other. Not all are given the cahnce to be put up in a certain org, or not all are qualified to become such specific position, but anyone are qualified to become. Back to the real part. Human are ofcourse important in such a way that they are the one manipulating or doing such event inside a company. There the one who the company is needing in such case that a company can't work on its own without an employee, such as a leader can be called a leader if he/she doesnn't have what we he/she called a member.

But why is it that it is least understood and worst managed of its resource? Because, those being who belong to the lower of an organization established of having the feeling as being taken for granted. No one would like to listen to there part or mostly there being manipulated or managed harshly by those people on the higher positions. There are also some cases that there benifits and insurance are being taken away from them. They are being abused in such ways. There talents and skills are only limited to the job there up to. Some are being treated as if they were paid regularly or as if they were slaves on one's eye.

For this time, I believed that many of us dreamed to have the work that really suites for us. But for those who are desperately wanting to have a job, "kapit sa patalim kumbaga". Ofcourse indeed that we facing less job opportunities but on the later part, lets just think for whats right. Facing the world is not a committed mistake, but hiding on a shelf without properly taken care of is the biggest mistake a man coud ever gone for himself.. Cool

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rejserenity said...

aw!! i really agree with u ate gel.,

there is really an issue about that., however, nowadays., organizations give reasonable benefits and appraisal to its employee.

yah, ur issue still a fact, and that that should be realized by the management of the certain organizations.