Thursday, July 31, 2008

...nO titLe...

Actually there's no such reason for me to write this article. Hmmmm, I really just want to write something. But I know, if my friends will read this, they will come up to a certain condition. And I bet, I know that conclusion. But fellow friends, writing this article is just one way of expressing what I felt last night.

So let me start it. I'm in my room, imagining and hardly thinking what shall I do, and e
nd up nothing. Well, it's some kind of tiring night due to the weather and it feels like being alone because its cold. Because of that same reason again, I ended up reminiscing my failed love stories. This is some kind of corny stuff, and if you read this part, stop reading the next paragraph nalang.

Where will I start? Let me start it with the questions, mumbling inside my head. There are lots of it. One question, do love story in fairy tales come true? Bumalik ba sa pagkabata? Well, even my 12 year old cousin already have a crush and imagining stuffs like shes in a fairy land being a princess with her crush as her prince charming. What a lousy thing, but honestly, I also did imagined those when I was in grade school. Some kind of funny thing to be remembered. Continuation of the questions, I was watching a teledrama and koreanovelas and I keep on giggling every time the leading actress and her leading man where doing some crazy stuffs. Kilig to the bones, kumbaga. But why is it like that? Despite of many heart failures(meaning, brokenherted), I'm fascinated of watching such shows? Duh?!

Honestly, I fell inlove a lot of times. And everytime that happens, I keep on wishing it will last, long. But unluckily, I always ended up with a heart like paper, cut into pieces. Wow, what an emotional phrase. But really, last March of this year was my last crying moment. And umiyak talaga ako. My first? It happened on the same month but not on the same year, March of 2006. Wow, what a coincident. I figured that out just now. And if you will going to ask me if I still love them? As in them talaga, my answer would be "No". I'm not anymore in love with them but I'm still attached to them. If you will ask me whats the difference of the two, i can't explain it verbally nor in actions, it just I know there's a difference between the two. Just try to understand nalang ha. And again, if you will ask me if there is still a chance of reconciliation, the first guy who broke my heart would be definitely a NO. Some of my closest friends know the answers why, but for those who don't know,I'll give you a hint. He is happy on where he is right now. Gets? And for the other guys?(naks,ang dami pala talaga!), it will also be a NO. Not because of I hate them for doing such thing, but because I'm afraid of of being hurt by the same reason and of the same person. Gets? Well, just get it, okey?

For me, falling in love is not that really hard for me. Ang bilis ko kasing mahulog sa isang tao who gives me more attention that of the others. That's the main reason why I ended up falling that hard without knowing that no one is there to catch.Taking the risk kumbaga. Masarap man magmahal, it feels like you're above cloud 9 or being lullaby at the clouds. but it feels more better knowing that you are also being loved by the one you love. Weeehhh. It is also better of being a single. You have more time for yourself, friends, studies and families. Some people would explained relationship as a destruction, especially when you're still studying. But others would defined it as an inspiration. Depende lang talaga yan on how you deal with it.

Right now, I'm not aiming for a fairy love affair or a ko
reanovela's story. What I'm aiming is to find not a perfect guy, but the right guy who will love me, accepts me, and be my man. Corny man kung pakikinggan, but that the reality. Every girl is dreaming of wearing her bridal gown, walked down the aisle, and be married to the guy he loves the most. But I'm not saying that now, as in today. I know someday, somehow, it will come true(in GOD's will). Finding the right guy? Hindi rin naman din ako nagmamadali. I know he will come, he is coming. Not now, but the right timr. And from that day, I will be writing again my true love story with a happily ever after ending. Nakz.

Have a wonderful love life everyone!

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