Monday, July 14, 2008

...2nd Visit @ LYR...

During our first visit in LYR, it was just "pahapyaw" on our real topic. Sir Llano just discussed to us about their organization

Our second visit was really not that long. We only been handled the module about job analysis, job description, job specification and etc. Saturday before last Saturday was the time consuming interview.

Last July 05, we had again our visit on LYR. This time, we will interview about our report. At 1pm, me, Hannah, Karren and Kate met at Daily Playnet Internet Cafe in Obrero. We searched about our individual reports and at the same time, what questions are we going to ask when we arrived at the office. By 2om, or past 2pm, we decided to go and we just walked from Obrero to Acacia. And finally we arrived with Vanessa who waited for about an hour.

That same time, Sir Llano gave an exam to those applicants who wants to work to their company. For the first time, we observed waht an HR manager do. During the examination, he stiil entertained us because for him, appointment is an appointment. We discussed about job organization and information in their company. From our discussion, there were some confusions. Still, were confused about the definition of each topic because the idea is similar to the other. What really bothers me is the job analysis.(Buti na lang di yan ang topic ko). Whwen we were still discussing about the topic, Sir also glimpse to those who are taking the exams. Galing ni Sir, multitasking.

Ofcourse, before the company started to work., HR manager or their Gm really must undergo job analysis in order to find out what kind of job is appropriate on the field of work. What describes the job and what are the qualifications of those employee in that certain job. How much time will the job must be worked accordingly, the benefits and insurance, the degree of education and other more. Job analysis implies much duty for the company.

After the discussion. we conduct our own job analysis to the employees in the company. At first, it was scary but on the later part, its nice. And the people we asked were really approachable. Were of the same age kasi, nice diba?

Next stop, picture taking!


hannah hernandez said...

all i can say is that it was a fun learning experience. Thaks to GOd our adopted company is very accommodating to us.. learning with people like them never ceases to make me smile

☻MaGZ☻ said...

Congratz for a job well done.
good for you to have a company which is very approachable and accommodating.
Keep it Up!