Tuesday, July 29, 2008

...my coLLeagues...

Group of students whose mind level is like Grade 6(nalang!), but the truth is, students who are already 4 years in college. See the gap of the age?

Let me introduce to you my friends., the group where I belong. The group of English Spokers(Carabao Englishers), the Rubix Cubers(The Mind Game), and the most popular on the name "The KiLLerers". The game it all started, "killer2x". Because of that corny game, as Jalil's would mention, we hang together, eat lunch together, go home together, and play like kids together. Back from being a child.

Happy are we indeed, but every friendship also suffers from trials. There are misunderstanding, teasing and end-up crying(ako lang poh yun!). But still, at the end of the day, were back of being okey.

We may hurt each other by saying "badengz", "taba", "tape", "vovo", and "tanga". But as what Donkey told Shrek, "only true friends will be cruelly honest and only friends can cruelly speak their minds out of it". Though it may sometimes be hurtful, but its still okey, were friends remember?

A day with them is worthwhile. We laugh and smile as if theres no tomorrow. This are my friends. Friends who I can lean and trust. Friends that I will always treasure until my last breath.


informaxona said...

i now believe that to look, stay and feel young is to simply, act young... as young as a child..ahahah

hannah hernandez said...

..weeeeeeeeeee... its not bad being kid for a day with your friends right.? actually its good for one's mental health. jejeje
all i can say is that I love you all. lets keep on playing.!!! mwahh.!!

☻MaGZ☻ said...

wow! good for you to have a friends like them..My kaberks are also like your group, "bata, batang isip",heheh