Thursday, July 24, 2008

...Risk fActOr...

uprising technologies must be adopted by the (not only) big companies but same as the small one's as well. Leveling with large companies merely is a true to us that each may be developed or may developed the technology as well. But using technology might give the company the risks or the based effect as well.. Here are some risk factors that illustrates when technology level changes.

*1) When the technology is changing, one's who uses IS as well might change its strategy. The plans relating to the previous project might deal into conflicts among those who raised the plan. in return, when change is involve, it required more comprising stategy and more uprising plan for the companies us well.

*2) Reliability of systems might as well be a factor. At the beginning of the company task,, reliable sources is a great deal. If change is one risk, prone to unrealibility of the system is a great deal. this may happen if the one who works with the system is not capable or (still) lack of knowledge to maintian and use the system, as well.

*3) One factor that affects the business is financial. If the IS change in the company, it might as well says that the hardware and software may change. Money is a take place. Buying new hardwares and installing new software cost big amount that might pronounce to the company.

*4) Technnical support as well might change. If ever the person in-charge is prominent to do his job accordingly before, and change occurs, lack of technical support due to lack of knowledge and due to rapid increase of the technology is a great risk to happen inside a company. IS requires knowledge about the new infrastracture and new application of the new system, and it requires a resource that species such change.

*5) And lastly, downsizing might happened. if new infrastracture is introduced, theres such case that the company might hold those who are capable of using and implementing the new application. And due to that, those people who are unable to distinguish such change is required to say goodbye to the company..

There are lots of risks a business might encounter. And one solution of that is proper planning for such change.


Ymreb Momville said...

good work gel... hehe

hope in the future ma apply nimu na imu gpng post dha... hehe

comment pud sa ako...tnx

hannah hernandez said...

risks always exists in everything we do. especially in business. taking risks may improve a company or destroy it. to reduce IT/IS risks, I believe that the company and its people should be upto date with the new technology and systems. Every one must be knowledgeable in handling all these new resources