Wednesday, September 3, 2008

...please understand...

Have you tried opening the blog of my fellow classmate which I mentioned in the poem about the Killerers?? Have you observed that the entries in their blog(apil nako) do have the same topics?? That simply means, mga selosa kaayo akong mga friends.. apil nako didto actually..Jejejeje..

Those same topics and entries in blog started because of the poem. After that, every article must be connected with one another. Example, about the poem, each blog site have there own poems. And if ala kang poem, loser ka.. Dapat ganun..

Now, observed again about the entries. Pareho lang ang mga topic diba??

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rejserenity said...

weeeeh.! mao jud.. i agree hehehe

comment mu sa ako research topics beh.. tenchoo daan..