Thursday, September 18, 2008

...InsOurce or OutsOurcE??...

To make life more easier, universities all over uses systems for the high quality performance, effectiveness, less effort and time affordable for doing their jobs. Relatively, they do have their freedom to choose between insourcing or outsourcing. So whats the difference between the two. From the word "in", insourcing means the systems or application they're using all throughout the university is done inside the campus, or the person involved in it is part of the university he/she is working. Outsourcing on the other hand is contradict to the mentioned above. Outsourcing means that the systems is made outside by the different person. Or the resources is outside.

If I will be given the chance to advice or to take some comments on which of the two I prefer for the university to use, I will pick insourcing. There are lots of advantage if the system is made by the people inside the university he/she is working. But more likely, there are still advantages when outsourcing takes place. So the reasons why I rather choose insourcing than outsourcing? First, for me its more less costly than outsource. Looking for other resources for doing the systems inside the university can expense more than giving the idea to the programmers inside. Next, its less hustle. When the university wants to have outsourcing, they will look for the person/people to do the systems. It's a time consuming and more expensive routine. Rather than searching for an unknown well-being programmers, why not talked to the best programmers inside the university. Next, the system can be easily developed. Since the programmers is located inside, it is easily for that programmer to look for a new resource for the systems he/she made. He/she can observed what the university's needs. And other factors, he/she can suggest new things for the best of the systems he/she made. Important advantage is the security. The university's pride and other confidential issues are at risk if the university chooses outsource. If the university deals insource, the loyalty is a basis. Big universities and well-known universities must not take that risk. Maybe, just maybe, freak programmers might hacked the university's systems and drown all the data. But it was just a wide imagination. Finally, the university is giving chances to the programmers inside their institution and at the same time they're giving the programmers the chance to improved themselves.

Like what Karren said, outsourcing takes place to those big companies for the improvement of their institution. But in our case, we do have the best programmers in town. And why take the risks, why look for other of we already have the best.


rejserenity said...

hehehe.. that what we develop the innovative means of the programmer more esp. in school weeeh.!

kharen said...

we had the same comment about the topic...insourcing would be a good choice to consider when we talk of USEP.