Thursday, August 28, 2008


I fell in love to a guy,
without any reasons why,
all of a sudden, it just happened,
without knowing when it'll end.

I'm not expecting on anything,
but I know there will be something,
for this feeling I have inside,
it will hurt me in time.

Though I tried to let go,
of the feelings that always on flow,
coz I know deep inside of me,
it's impossible of him to love me.

I did surrender a thousand times,
and telling myself all the lies,
that I never tried loving him,
and I already forgotten the feelings.

But one day, without me waiting,
he approaches me smiling,
and uttered the words I long to hear,
and with those words, I fall a tear.

At first, I thought I was only dreaming,
and i just trying to believe in,
after all my dream came true,
that there will be me and you.


informaxona said...

hala kinsa na?????uie??????

katiE,d gOdDeSs of bEauTy said...

kaila kuh kinsa ni!!!


rejserenity said...

bwahahahaha.. kaila pud ko weeeh...

hahaahahhahaha.! ala lng weeeh.. pati pud c gly kaila jud hahahahaa atik2 pa jajajaja

geLan eam said...

whew.. kaila pud ko kinsa inu hinala.. but to tell u honestly, dili to xa. 6 letters pud pero lahi..


hannah hernandez said...

wow kaila mo.???
cge nalng kaila
pud ko..
kung kinsa na te gel..!!!
hmmm... la lang
joiners au ko..