Wednesday, September 10, 2008

...whAt a CompAny visit...

Just this afternoon, an unexpected event happened to us(me, Kate, Hannah, Regina, Melgar, and Jalil). Our purpose at Land Co. is to visit the adopted companies of Jalil & Company for their MIS(LDS Company) and HRM(CallBox). While waiting for about 30 minutes or more for the elevator, CALLBOX HR Manager just came out suddenly inviting us to apply at their company. We did our best to say "no", but she keeps on pushing us to enter the room. And for the subject HRM, we had no choice but to agree. We just fill up some of the questions in the questionnaire. All about our background, profile, and about some technical supports. After that, what's next? Maybe an interview portion. Hahahaha. Everybody on that company really speaks English very, very well. Compare to us(nosebleed!), especially ma'am Glotchie and ma'am Andy. We really though that it was the end of our career.(melon).

That experience was really fun. Actually, I tried seeking for a job, gone an interview, and got hired. But this scenario was really a big different. During those interview, I never tried to speak English that much, but this time, I really had a nosebleed. And their accent was really awesome, unlike ours. Again, we really thought that it was the end, just still lucky, they didn't forced us to continue. We left the office smiling with cotton inside our nose.(Exaggerate!)

That was only the beginning of facing the real world. Until next episode!(melon!!)


kharen said...

dpat na mong mgractice ug atubang ug tao uie...



7 years pa man bag.o "MO" mangraduate..


rejserenity said...

awtz.. infairnez dghan kog memoir didto hehehhe... ang nose bleed.. ang nkared shirt na guy na englisher, ang sign language ni meL, pati pud iya 30000 na salary hahahah.!

awtz.. tama jud c lady dapat ipractice nato ato self na muharap in public

katiE,d gOdDeSs of bEauTy said...

na-disappoint kuh pag-ayo!!

nganu ala man to nadaun ug interview woie!!

ready pa naman tana au ku sa aku mga itubag if ever interviewhon nko!(melon!!)

i'm so disappointed!!

so much!!



hannah hernandez said...

it was really hilarious.!!

i can speak English well
(if i'm by myself)
but when I start in a
conversation with that language
my tongue gets tied up..!!

anyways, it was a fun

rsgamboa said...

nice experience ....better early than late ...