Sunday, September 7, 2008

...PainfUL tRUth...

Do i really have to post this in my blog?

Just a while ago, I saw an old friend telling me something that I never wanted to hear. Actually, I did expect that something like this would happened. I told myself to prepare and at the same time realizing that theres no pain that I will feel. But something weird feeling I felt. I was hurt. God knows how much pain I felt. But a simple question just appeared to my mind, "Bakit ako nasaktan?". Naging emo na ako for this guy before, why did he returned in unexpected time. I still don't know how to let him go. I still don't know how to forget everything in him. I still do love him.

Knowing that he loves someone else breaks my heart and tore it apart(melon). But really, I want to cry but I think that theres no still reason for me to cry. He's just a guy. A guy who leaves me without me knowing why.

How can I stop the pain from flowing? How can I let go of this feeling?

1 comment:

kharen said...


knsa gel?

isa na kaa2ng ginaingon sa text nga

maybe you haven't actually moved on..

you just learned to how leave without him..



basin hunahuna rapud nimo na..

yaw nalng hunahuna uie..