Thursday, September 25, 2008

...abOut HRM...

Me and my group interviewed our adopted HR manager in our adopted company. He discussed about the nature of human resource management. He said that the human resource management is concerned with all the all the decisions, strategies, factors, principles, operations, practices, functions, activities and methods related to the management of people as employees in any type of organization, all the dimensions related to people in their employment relationships, and all the dynamics that flow from it , all aimed at adding value to the delivery of goods and services, as well as to the quality of work life for employees, and hence helping to ensure continuous organizational success in transformative environments. He also discussed about the scope and role of human resource management. He said that the scope of human resource management include the transformation and development issues, tentative generic skills required in performing HRM roles, as well as the roe of human resource management practitioner. He also tackled about the transformation and development issues. The issues behind it are the ff:

-Knowledge management which entails accumulating & capturing
-Knowledge in large organisations for future application & use (organisation memory)
-Reconciliation management
-Work creation as opposed to job creation
-Manage the transfer of HRM functions and skills to line management
-Marketing of HRM to line management
-Development of contextual approaches to HRM
-Multi-skilling and /or multi-tasking
-Increased societal responsibility
-Managing people in virtual work environments
-Focus on deliverables rather than doables
-Develop additional means of assessing HRM
-Appreciation and assessment of intellectual capital
-Take HRM from a business partner to a business itself / Managing HRM as a business unit
-Adviser / consultant to line management

He also discussed about the roles of human resource management are group into four with their subtopics. First is PLANNING AND ORGANISING FOR WORK, PEOPLE AND HRM with sub-work of Strategic perspective, Organisation design, Change management, Corporate Wellness management. Next is the PEOPLE ACQUISITION AND DEVELOPMENT. This includes Staffing the organization, Training & development, Career Management, Performance Management, and Industrial relations. Followed by ADMINISTRATION OF POLICIES , PROGRAMMES & PRACTICES which includes Compensation management, Information management, Administrative management, and Financial management

As what I observed in what he is doing, I can say that everything he said is true and I agree with it. During our visit before, we encountered observing him doing some interviews and making questionnaire for the examination for the applicants. Being an HR manager, he/she must be affective for managing human resource. He/she is obliged to do his work properly for human resource or the people inside his company. And according to him also, he haven't gone any problems with the management of the organization since they were able to build the same principles about HRM.

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hannah hernandez said... was nice of them to still allow us to take a little bit of their time even though we haven't really scheduled for an interview.!!!
GOd bless to LYR.!!1