Sunday, September 7, 2008

...ICEAN Fest...

I really dont know if I can call it as a festival or an org. day. Actually, I really expect that something like what happend 2days ago and yesterday would really happen. It's some sort of boring and some sort of unprepared org day, awts,. festival pala.(Sorry sa mga organizers ng show, thats what I really observed)

Last friday, the 2008 ICEAN Festival started with a blast(joke). As expected, para lang kaming nag-P.E..What I really loved that day is when I won the HEP2x-HORRAY game. That was the first special game that day. And ako pa talaga ang nanalo..

Hindi ko talaga alam kung what happened that 2days of agony. Joke. May mga events naman din na enjoy. Such as the jingle making contest. We won first place that time. Next, ang mga sports. I love the volleyball game between the Blue Oracle and the Black Firebird. Nice siya kasi super exciting ng game. And I was the coach, ofcourse. Lagi ko na lang pinapagalitan si Jaymar. I was just trying to help, and volleyball is my game.

And what I really cant forget is the darts game of my fellow BRATZ friends. They won the gold medal on Darts Double Women Division. Namely, Kate and Hannah. Me and Lady are just there Cheerleaders. Enjoy naman siya. Si Mark na walang malay naman talaga is absolutely fun those days. Hahai.

Hindi ko na maremember lahat ng nangyari. What I remembered is after the opening ceremony it rained and on the last night it also rained. Just simply means na wet ang aming show. Special thanks to Mike nad Jaylo for being the MCEE on the last night.

I hope that next year, andito pa naman talaga kami sa USEP, sana maiba naman ang festival. Hope so.


rsgamboa said...

hmmmm .. nxt year .. make a difference ... gud lak...

rejserenity said...

weeeh.! mao jud..!

snage said...

hehehe... at least nkkita ko sa mga presentation sa icean.... well. i am still a proud ICEAN... googog!!!

katiE,d gOdDeSs of bEauTy said...


the festival??

it'z lyk a spa for my kile-kile!!