Sunday, August 3, 2008


..If your friends tell you words that hurts you, dont get angry. Remember what donkey told Shrek,"only true friends will be cruelly honest!"..

..A broken trust can be best described as a crumpled piece of paper. No matter how hard you try to straighten it out, it will never return on its true form..

..One important lesson in math that we can apply to our daily lives,. "BE CAREFUL WITH SIGNS"..

..Short, sweet, and practical principle in love: "if it works, then it works. If it doesn't, then move on!!"..

..Never say this is the best time of my life. As Homer Simpson would say, "this is the best time of my Life, so far!"..

..Your special someone are the spices in your life. Without them, life would be so blunt. Too bad they happen to be too spicy that often get you teary eyed..

..Always remember to be respected is far more important than being beautiful or desired. Cause the 7 letter word "RESPECT" is what separates "women" from "toys"!..


charmaine said...

Good choice of quotes to be posted, Te Angel..:-)

Do you have a collection of best quotes? Can I add some of your quotes to my treasury?

Drop your comments to my blog ah?tnx

Anonymous said...

hmmn... nice quotes...
it really moved me..


Nice quotes angel mae..

hehehe.... They are, say, uhm,


rejserenity said...

awtz!! mgbest jd mung kyt nuh? mahilig sa mga quotes, nyz collaboration of quotes coz its is really a nice entry..

shanyven said...

nice entry!!!