Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Tears have fallen from my eyes,
This heart was turned to ice,
After the day he left me behind,
until today, he still messed up my life.

I never thought that it would happen,
The risk of losing, I never imagined,
I believed that he will always be there,
and not to leave me with despair.

I never asked him to love me,
nor wished that someday he will be,
I trusted his touching promises,
but then again, its me who fails.

But even though he's the reason why I cry,
still, he was the reason for my smile,
Though it ended up that easily,
but forgetting him is never that easy.

And now I'm ready to move on,
though its late, but I have to,
Not only by forgetting what happened from the past,
but also leaving the pain and erasing the scars.

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