Friday, February 6, 2009

...USEP IS PLan...

Basically, we have just did an IS plan in our distinguish company during our MIS 1. And based on our papers for that matters, it requires more consideration to be followed, but more likely there are more factors to be considered. Especially if we are talking about how to expedite this plan to the university.

And listed below are the factors to be considered:

Project Orientation:
It is similar to what Hannah and Jonard have said about project management. But I just use the word "Orientation" in order to emphasize that the plan or the IS plan must be tackled to the group in order for them to understand what is the plan all about. It is not that applicable that only those who did the plan understands what he did. Then it better for the people involve in the plan on what kind of involvement they will have in order for them to participate enthusiastically.

Resources Interpretation:
In creating an IS plan, whether this is for the university or a big organization, the group that designed the plan has its own resources to be interpreted in order for the user or the people involved in the plan knows what are those possible resources or data to know. During our MIS 1, we created a probable usage of hardware and software for the specific company. In that, the company might as well know what they will be needing in year after.

Training of the people involve:
People is the basic equipment of an IS Plan. Since that they're the one's using the systems or they're the one involve in the plan. Since that they are the user or the client of the plan, it must be necessary that they have the knowledge about and how to deal with the change. Since we are talking about a plan, it is guaranteed that the we are dealing with change.

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