Wednesday, February 11, 2009

...TOP 5 EmbARrAssIng mOments of mY Life...

Well, got this idea of creating my top 5 most embarrassing moment from Moi2x. I read his article about this and got kind of jealousy. Joke. Jejejeje. La Lang. I do have many of this man but then again, yung memorable moments na lng.. Jejeje..

As 20 years passes in my life, of course we got this unexpected and funny moments we had. That if we are going to reminisce it, we cant help but laugh. And I would like to share this memorable moments in my life.

Top 5:
This happened when I was still in grade school. I was in grade 3 that time then we were playing what we called soccer during our age. Actually, ang gamit naming bola that time is a softball. Then, I'm so boastful that time na I keep on smirking to my friends saying na mas malayo yung sipa ko this time as of to my other team mates. Then when the ball touches the ground and going directly with me, it was so kakahiya that I didn't hit the ball and instead I fell off the ground with a loud bang sound. Then my friends all laugh at me since that I was really big when I was still in grade school. How embarassing.

Top 4:
Still in grade school. When I was in Grade 5 this time, I remember that it was Easter Sunday. I'm with my family. My mother hold my hand for that time cause there were really a huge crowd in our church. Hindi ko talaga binitawan ang kamay ng mama ko and she did the same way kasi baka mawala ako. Though malaki na rin ako that time, still bata pa rin. I didnt even know how to cross the street that time. I already knew that process when I was in 6th grade. Hatid sundo kasi ako ng mama ko till my 5th grade. So they taught me how to cross the street that time kasi naman sa lahat ng classmates ko ako na lng ang hindi marunong tumawid ng kalsada at the age of 11. Well,so much for that. The story really is that nakalingon lang ako sandali then I was holding another arm. Hindi kamay ng mama ko ang hawak ko. I was really ashamed about it because they keep on staring at me and keep om smiling. Kakahiya talaga ginawa ko.

Top 3:
I'm already in college noong nangyari to. We were sitting at the bench, front ng eagle statue sa USEP. We were waiting for our grades in English that time and then waiting for our grade in CWTS as well. Andun ako with friends. Then, we thought of mumbling words everytime may dumaan. Naglolokohan lang kami that time. When one group of boys passed by saying a very funny name. Sa sabrang tawa ko, nahulog ako sa bench. As in sa likod talaga. Then what made it worst is noong nasali pa yung isa kung friend na nahulog. Then hindi pa ako naka recover that time, kahit pinagtatawanan na nila ko coz my position that time is naka upo nako sa root ng acacia tree with my feet hanging sa log, I just couldnt help but laugh to my extent with the name I have heard. Tinutulungan na nila akong umahon, di pa rin ako makatayo kasi tawa pa rin ako ng tawa. And it really hurts. One lesson I have learned from that time is never to eavesdrop again.

Top 2:
This happened noong college na ako. I was first year college this time and ofcourse, naganap t osa USEP's ground. It was our first P.E. class na sinout namin ang uniform. But actually, wala kaming class that time. Our instructor told us that we can play na lng. So we decided to play "tigsu", para siyang habul-habulan here in Davao na may kasaling home base. Well, so much for the discussion about the game. Then the game started. Actually, I'm not really good in running. I'm so slow and evertything. La lang magawa and naglaro lang talaga ako. Part of the game yung pag na-touch ka ng kalaban is you will go to their base and stay there until one of your mates touches your hand or palm and then its a score. What happened is that, nagtakbuhan na lahat and then all of a sudden biglang sumulpot ang isang kasama sa ibang team. Though girl siya by heart, still malakas pa rin siya. And accidentally, he pushed me and I fell off sa ground. As in bumulagta talaga ako sa grounds. And my other classmates who didn't play run towards me and asked if I'm okei. Pati mukha ko that time was covered with grasses. Maputik kasi that time and gosh my white uniform turned to green. Sa sobrang hiya ko coz they were already laughing, nagtakip na lng ako ng mukha and laugh as well. Wala na rin akong nagawa noon. It was just a game.

Top 1:
This happened when I was in 4th year high school. I had a crush named Kenneth that time and he was a third year student. Wala lang kaming magawa ng friend ko that time and naisip naming sundan siya sa bahay nila. Stalking kumbaga. And it was layo there house ha. As in Matina Aplaya talaga. Then when we get there, bigla lang siyang pumara sa jip and we jumped off into our seat hearing the front seat door opened. Then automatic reaction, bumaba din kami. What happened is that are cellphones that time was lowbat. And we really dont know saan ang bahay nila. What we did with my friend is pumasok kami sa alley and tumambay sa isang tindahan. We dont know that the front house of that store is there house. Wala lang, tambay lang kami and a guy from the carwash went sa store. And he asked us what got us there. So we said that we are looking at our classmates house. Then all of a sudden, the door of there house opened and I was standing that time looking directly sa house. Then all of a sudden the gate opened and whaat, lumabas lang siya bigla. And noong nakita niya ako, agad2x siyang pumasok sa bahay nila then kami kumaripas ng takbo.

Well, that's it. Hope you had fun reading the top 5 most embarrassing moment of my life.. Sa uulitin..


informaxona said...


nktawa gd ko..ask pa nimo c kate te gel..

but i think the last one is not embarassing... in fact, it was cute moment...hahaha tama ba ko?

desperada ai...hahaha

hannah hernandez said...

dbest ang number 1 te gel..
stalker tirada..hahahhaa