Wednesday, February 18, 2009

...hiDDEn pAin...

Barkada, ka-berks, d’barkads, whatever you call it, still it have one meaning, group of closest friends. I know that each of us have what we called friends who we can laugh or cry with, giggling every time crushes passes by, teasing each other, and problem adviser. Imposible masyado na sa isang tao, wala siyang matatawag na bestfriends. In fact, kahit gaano pa kasama ang isang tao, may kaibigan pa ring aalalay sa kanya. One saying defines that birds of the same feathers are the same birds. But that was just a joke. What I really mean is that birds of the same feathers flock together. So meaning, out of millions and millions people in the world, there’s still what we called true friends. Kaya nga nabuo ang barkada.

But not all the time, friends share laughter, fun, and smiles. There are also moments in our lives that we let our closest friend to be a stranger in our life, for the reason that they become our mortal enemy because of a simple argument or misunderstanding. Each barkada has its own story to tell. Like mine, I belong to a barkada that silent for a while and talks all the time. But it’s accepted, I’m one of the evidence. Still, our barkada has its own problem as well.

Why do barkada’s ended up separated? Naks, porang mag-asawa. Of course, friends treat each other as brothers and sisters. Kumbaga, magkakadugtong na ang sikmura. Sometimes, I asked myself what would be the reason that our barkada is not anymore what I called the barkada I belong, before. Reason? It’s the permanent thing in this world, CHANGE! Some friends don’t have time for each other. Or one member of the group fell in love with the other member and his/her time revolves to that person. That even if magkasama kayo, your presence is not felt. Or more likely, they will ask that could you give us moments together? Gosh ha, magakasama na nga the whole day. Or other would step out of the group because he/she has something important matter to do. Chicks2x kumabaga, or guy hunting. Though I’m not really as in against having lovelife, mayroon naman din kasi ako. I really don’t understand the situation na pag may dumating na friend, maiilang ka na lang na pansinin siya because your not hanging out much often, or more likely, your not really hanging out together again. Then, what happened? Wala, nasira lang naman ang grupo because of that,

I remembered quotable quote given to me by my other friend. It says that “uunahin talaga ang boyfriend/girlfriend kesa sa mga kaibigan, but when hurting moments come, kanino lalapit?? Sa friends pa rin tatakbo”. I hate hearing that statement cause it feels like takbuhan lang ang mga kaibigan sa kalungkutan but couldn’t even share there happiness. Like what I have said, I’m not really against having relationship or whatever, I just don’t want change. It’s just; I feel that others don’t know what’s going on while others are really affected. Or they already knew there’s something happening, they just don’t care. How sad if that’s the case. And how sad, its happening within my group of friends.


hannah hernandez said...

bitaw... bitaw gel..

jud gel.. as in.. nakarelate koh.??!!


wala jud nato na nastoryahan ai.. pareho diay na napansin nuh.?? jejejeje

all i can say is that walay mabuhat tong others kundi magadapt..kaya lang lisod jud magadapt..kalit2x man gud ang changes.. pero okay lang friends are still friends even though naay change

meL said...
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meL said...


mao lng ako maingon




kharen said...

i think uv said it already..

only changes cannot be changed..

we are just fooling ourselves if we expect that things would last forever..

forever is a lie..

what matters most is the fact that we know we still got friends in times we need them…

real friendship can be measured if we still continue to care even if we seldom go together and see each other..

it’s the invisible bonds that matters..

and even if we don’t share them everything that’s goin on with our lives,

we know that they are happy when we are happy..

and they are sad when we are sad..


tama man si lady gel...


change is constant.. char


marco said...

change is the only constant thing in this world

authenticallyblack said...

agree pud ko gel..heheh..apil2 pud happen man gud sa akoa with the one na klos kaau nko sauna..everything changes jud..mak hurt man..accept it slowly nlng jud..