Monday, February 2, 2009

...Activity DiagRam...

The diagram states the activities done by the student in USEP for the enrollment. First, the student must pay his/her miscellaneous fees in the local council. Then, he will proceed to his/her adviser for the evaluation of grades. If the student is qualified to enroll, he can then now proceed to get his PRF or the Pre- Registration Form. After signing it to the adviser for approval, he can then now proceed to encode his grades. If the student is a scholar, he will proceed to the scholars office for validation of the scholarship and proceed to the bookkeeper for the validation of his payments. If the student is a non-scholar, he will go to the cashier and pay his tuition and proceeds to the bookkeeper as well. After that, the student will proceed to the registrar and library for library card validation and he can now be officially enrolled.

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