Monday, December 15, 2008

...PSITS Overload...

Last December 13 and 14 was the annual PSITS Sportsfest or Philippine Society of Information Tecnhnology Students held at Brokenshire College. From the previous years, University of Mindanao, Matina Campus and University of Immaculate Conception was the host campuses of the said event. And from this years 13 campuses, including my own university and the newly added ICT recognize college, the Holy Cross of Davao College, started the PSITS Sportsfest as an exciting one. Though our school didn't really participate this year.

PSITS Opening Ceremony started with a parade. Supposedly, the parade will start at 8 am, but it started around 9:30 or 10. The school's open field and the amphitheater was really awesome. Especially the amphitheater. The stairs, the landscaped benches, and especially the court. It wa really huge and amazing. Para kaming nag-hiking, pababa nga lang. The place, it was perfect. Mas nice pa siya sa forest something ng UM Matina, though the place in UM Matina was also great. Kuya Angelo hosted the ceremony. And by 1 pm, let the game begins. Super daming schools, and ang daming cute as well. Joke. We watched the basketball game between the Brokenshire College and the Davao Del Norte State College. Brokenshire won the game. And I wasn't expecting that I will going to see my friendster friends who are studying in Brok that time. Mas cute sila in person. Joke. UM Matina and UIC followed that game. UM defeated UIC in which our crush from last years PSITS played. Then Lady Vu found her long lost soulmate. A good player of UM. And the wackiest event happened to us that time is when her crush passes by and I teased Lady Vu to him. Parang na-liver spread ata yung guy. He keeps on smiling and smirking on us. Funny. Then that time, hindi na mapalagay si Lady. She wants to know the game but unfortunately, hindi nya nakuha. Yesterdays ITE night was fabulous. Sa daming participants on each event, as in super exciting. Though boring yung ibang participants. The best part of the night was the MTV spoof and the modern dance. Funny masyado yung taga UM and yung bakla who climbed sa taas ng ring and pose their at the end of the song. Maganda man ding yung iba, but I really cant forget how fast the gay climbed the top. And nung time na bumababa na siya, tumataas yung palda niya and we can see his white briefs underneath. That was fun. And during the modern dance competition, the crowd favorite was from STI college. Their dance was really entertaining and at the same time, they really danced very good. Especially the thin guy and the tallest guy in the group who really looks funny on the floor. Whew. How I wish I can see something like that in our Intramurals.

This years PSITS overloaded with fun, excitement, and new found crushes. Hahahaha. Though I was really pissed off by my other classmates who didn't even care to attend the event, okei na lang. Sa clearance lang kami magkita. Can't wait for next years PSITS.


rejserenity said...

weeeh.! nice tlaga ang ite nyt.. lao na ang mtv spoof.^^ hehhee dn sa sportsfest, and um vs uic basketball event tlaga ang dabest.! hehehe

informaxona said...

hala ka ...wla gud ko ato..ehehe