Saturday, December 13, 2008

...what comes from your mind with the word...


The month is already December. There are only few days and its already Christmas. We can hear Christmas songs in the radio in an early morning. We can see Christmas decorations not only in malls, but also in our own houses as well. We can see children roaming houses for caroling, and I have never done that during my early age.

But what really Christmas is all about? Is Christmas all about the decorations? Is it all about the gifts or presents? Is it all about the firecrackers and noisiness? What Christmas is really all about?

I attended a fellowship yesterday. One friend invited me and I decided to join. The speaker preaches about Christmas. Since it is in the air right now. He asked us about what comes from our mind when we hear the word Christmas? Then I answered on my own that Christmas is the birth of Jesus Christ. The other answered about foods, gifts, parties, firecrackers and etc. Then the speaker replied to us by saying that if Christmas is just all about the presents, gifts and parties, would you not be disappointed if you buy a gift that is worth P300 and you received a gift worth P10? Actually, the price is really exaggerate, but my answer would really be a yes.Honestly, I will be disappointed by that. Then he said that Christmas is not about material things, but it is a mission destruction. At first I didn't get the meaning of the phrase. Does that means, the earth will come to an end during Christmas day? A low-level IQ explanation about the meaning of it. Then he stated that it is a mission destruction because it has its own meaning. There are 3 questions for that phrase. The first one, what will be destroyed? The answer would definitely it will destroy the work of evil, and what we called sin. The second question, who would destroy it? Who else? Who comes to the world to save us? Who forgives even though we commit mistakes. No other than, Jesus Christ itself. And the last question, who have the power to feel it? Those people who have faith and believes in the promises of God. So my answer would somehow be an approval of some correctness, but it lacks something. Christmas is the birth of Jesus Christ, to save us from every evil. Remember John 3:16, "For God so love the world that he gave us his only son, Jesus Christ. That those who believes in him, shall not die, but have an everlasting life. Amen."

Sometimes, we tend not to know the true meaning of Christmas because we are blinded by the worldly things around us. We tend to be busy shopping new things, buying gifts, and preparing the food we will eat for that day. And if that are the things that reminded us about Christmas, how about the people lives in the streets and orphanage? And how about when we are in our deep crisis that time, meaning the people behind that can't afford to celebrate Christmas? Isn't it nice to keep in our hearts that Christmas is all around us. God created us alike his only son. So why not show love and respect to everyone. Hugs and kisses can make one cry with glee. And it can also be a gift that no money can buy. Lets just celebrate Christmas on a simple way. The whole family and loved ones together and praise God for giving us his son to save us.

Have a Merry Christmas to everyone!

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