Sunday, December 7, 2008

...Get DisTracted...

I didn't come to school today. Since we only had one class this afternoon and it will only take 1 hour for it, and I'm not sure if our professor would really meet us. So I decided that I will not go to school and just work with my assignments for tomorrow. But unfortunately, I was been distracted by my colds. I was sneezing all time. And it was kinda of boring day today that's why I dont like surfing the net as well.

By the way, I would like to tell you about my dream last night. Since I didn't come to school, I haven't had time to talk to my friends about the scary dream I had. Yesterday, there was one news about a showbiz personality who died because of "bangungot". Then in my dream, it wasn't me who died. It was my friend. I saw her lying on the coffin. And everyone was crying except me. Then I found out that I was wearing red that night. According to my mom, if you will wear any red dress in a "lamay", it means that you are happy since that someone died. But in reality, if that someone will die, I will definitely cry. Since that someone was been part of my life and she became a bestfriend to me even for a short period of time. And I really dont want to lose her. Who is she?? Well, nevermind. It was just a dream either. And according to old sayings, until now, many of us believe in this that dreams are opposite to reality. And I hope that dream would only be a dream.

Hmmmm. I'd better go back surfing the net. Whether I like it or not.

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marco said...

well you should have come to school na lng sana!