Tuesday, January 13, 2009

...aBout Our pRoposaL...

Our first proposal about this subject is, according to the first instructor, it was just a simple program so we ended up with the with a proposal given to us by the former instructor. She said that the university is looking up with a new software for the improvement of the school. Since it was been given to us by our former instructor, and she introduced the system to us, so we have decided to agree with her and get it as our propose system.

In further explanation about the topic, Sir questioned us about the proposed system we have created. Honestly speaking, I really dont know what kind of system we are about to do. But as far as I'm concerned, and having the proposal who had been given to us by our previous instructor, I would say that the proposal we created is more challenging one than the previous systems given by our instructors in programming. And what have said by our classmate during our lecture, maybe the design would not as difficult as could it imagine, but during the presentation and coding, with time pressure and other pressurized things, it would be very difficult. And I believe that the learning's we have learned before would definitely be put into this proposal.

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