Wednesday, December 10, 2008

...CryinG mOmentz, Agen...

Hmmmmmm.. Lots of my friends know about all the guys I loved. Charmus.. Well actualy, they also know about a guy who I fell inlove with even if we only lasted for 10 days?? Hmmmm.. Yah.. I know that you will tell me that I'm a not so born stupid or what. Well, that's me. Simply an emotional girl who tends to love easily and will cry for a guy until someone replaces that guy. Joke. Ewan ko. This is the second guy who I cried for months. And to think, 10 days lang kami. Well, ganyan talaga ang life. Hmmm. The first guy I cried like this was my first love. And he died last year. From that day I never believed in first love never dies. Joke again. Well, what made up my mind writing some corny stuffs here bout that guy?? Hmmmmm. Let me think. Its just I saw his picture from the net. Toinks. Picture lang yan ha.. Actually, we have seen each other about 6 months after we broke up. We broke up March 18 of this year. That was the birthday of one of my closest friend. Were in the church at Obrero that time. We are about to witnessed the presentation of our friends also. Hmmmm. During the time he texted goodbye to me, lumabas ako ng simbahan and keep searching for him. Napagkamalan ko pang siya yung guy na malapit lang sa akin. I went back to the church disappointed and without any sounds, I cried. I want to cry everything inside me that time. Char. But really, ang sakit ng heart ko that time. And untiol now feel ko pa talaga. Toinks. Hahahaha. Just joking because really, my tears. Lalabas na talaga luha ko. To think na talagang picture lang yun ha. Nakita ko na. I remember following the statement I have stated above. That was October. We were doing our final project in one of our subjects. Then I decided that I must go home. I went home at 1 am. Then my fellow friends offered na ihatid ako sa may kanto. Then unexpectedly, he was there. With his friends as well. Hmmm. My heart really pumps hard. And feel ko talaga na lalabas na puso ko. Walang biro. Joke. Aw. Then, as I went home, I keep thinking for his face. It changed really. Though unexpected ang pagkikita naming yun, ewan. Parang ang tagal ng oras na andun xa, waiting for a ride home. Wish ko nga that time na hindi na lang siya umuwi. And I really wished that time na mag-usap kami. But that never happened. During the time ng papauwi nako. With a friend na inihatid ako sa bahay, hindi ko napigilan ang umiyak. And that cry was really painful. I guess. Shock talaga friend ko that time. Char. After that, I told myself na baka yun na ang last. Pero bakit until now?? Hahai.. Miss him guro. And I admit to myself na until now I'm still inlove with him. Though, tagal na nun, pero wala pa ring pumapalit. Char uie.

I'm okei na.. Hindi na ako naiiyak. Nakz naman..

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