Monday, November 24, 2008

..."I Live to teAch, I didn't teach tO Live"

A very touching quote given to us by our Professor from his mother who is a teacher. Really didn't know if until now she is. Discussing some facts about the dinosaur’s attitudes of some teachers, he told us that his "paninindigan" in teaching is different. I then admired Sir more. (Sir, wala jud ko nanagtik!). But the verse was not the only thing he preached on us. He also tells us about our planning in the years ahead. Dealing with our future is a basis now. Its not really about strategic planning since it is only a short term goal. We also must deal with our long term goal. During his discussions about vision, I then realized that I do have vision in life. De nga lang kalakihan. Dreaming is believing, sabi nga ng iba. I dream big, I believe big of that dream to come true. Though too much expectation can cause pain. Pero what's the use of the goals diba? Achieving one's dream is by doing his goal or process. Step by step process will do. Yun nga sabi ko sa article ko about my dream diba? Pero sabi nga ni Sir, planning is great deal. What I fear most is when he said that "we plan to fail". Kakatakot diba? Ayoko naman ding i-down parents ko. Ofcourse, kaya nga ako nag-aaral ng todo(char), but honestly, I do study hard because of my dream also to help my family. I won’t plan to fail, instead I will plan to succeed. And I will do everything for it.

Back to the main title. Marami nga naman din akong nakilalang mga teacher’s who teaches to live. Though, some of them believe that it will help them. But to those teachers who believe that teaching is being admired not only a profession is really an admirable one. Mahirap na din kayang makakita ng teachers who loved their profession because they were born to admire it. Many do become, but few are the chosen one. So for Sir's mother, ma'am I really do admire you.

And for my future, our future, planning must takes place. And never plan to fail, plan to succeed!


Kate said...

hmmm... i do agree that the quote was touching...

it actually made me see RSG in a different light, one that's different from the "I'm a TERROR teacher" label that usually accompanies his name.

i hope he continues to teach with that philosophy... let's do our best!

gambatte, ne!

*i'd appreciate your comments, too...*

informaxona said...

actually, my father has the same principle...ingn pa niya lahi ra jud dw ang feeling makashare sa imo and you were able to help others gain knowledge from you... nainspire na nuon ko magtudlo..hehehe