Tuesday, January 13, 2009

...bAseD on my PersOnaLity...

Based on my personality type, some would say that I'm so full of self confidence. I dont have dead air when I'm talking, and most of all, so talkative. Well, as far as also I'm concerned, I admit that I'm already talkative. But every time there's a butterfly on my stomach, that is the time I dont have anything to say. And among those data gathering techniques, I'' prefer for my attitude are interviewing and document review. in most cases, everytime we are assigned on a company visit, we really undergone interviews. Interview on my part is appropriate since we or I can have some follow-up questions regarding on his/her answers. And it's better to interview a person in order to have a nice and formal conversation.

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marco said...

yeah! it would be helping though!