Tuesday, January 13, 2009

...mY SDLC ModEL...

If I were to choose between adaptive and predictive, would choose more on adaptive than of the predictive side. Since our environments have the constant thing in this world, which all we know is change. I remember that was the title of my header before. Since change is constant, even if we predict our own life ahead, it will really change. What's my point is that change is everywhere. We don't know when is our time and if that really happens for us. But predicting and realizing what will going to happen to us in the years ahead is something we really have to do on which it can lead us to a brighter future.

The following would be my SLDC in life.

Since that I have decided what will be my objectives in life, I must undergo to planning on what will be the steps in achieving it.

My perspective about these resources is those person or thing that I’m going to have or to be with on fulfilling my objective in life. I alone can’t identify my own objective without thinking for my family and the people that surround me. Of course, they help me and mold me for who I am right now.

Stay updated in in-touch:
What I mean about the phrase is that even we are prepared and capable enough of achieving something, there are still hindrance that comes our way. Since that will happen, staying updated and knowable of what happened must also takes place.

Learn from the past:
Nobody is perfect and since we committed our mistakes, take it as a lesson learned in order not to do the same mistakes we have done before.

Make decisions wisely;
“Making right decision can cause pain, but only for a while, at the end of the day, you will just notice that you get satisfied.” Making rough decision can cause dramatic change for the right possibility of walking in the right path.

Trust God:
If that really is God’s will, even though how difficult the way towards success, it will belong to you, no matter what.

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well its kinda nice to relate IT issues and planning to our daily living.. hehe..

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