Monday, June 16, 2008 fRiEnd..

Let me introduce to you my cute Little puppy..Her name is Angela Antonia.. From my name and from my crushes name..Actually hes not a real puppy, hes a bag.. In other words, hes not real.. But why did I made her real, simple reason because everything around me in my room is real.. And every time I'm home, shes the one I can talk to.. Simple isnt it..

She was given to me by a good friend of mine during my 18th birthday. We do have the same birthday as well. "Ninang nya ang mag classmate ko". Isnt that nice again?? My puppy was baptized..

But unfortunately, I lost her. She was lost and its my fault.. I dont know where she is right now.. So if someone saw her from knowhere, kindly bring her back to me.. Please..

I miss my puppy.. So much!!

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