Tuesday, June 17, 2008



Green Campus Computing in the website I found states about how fast is Information Technology uprising right now. Usage of computers without consciously aware on its effect, not only for the user but also for the outside world. Its about how we save, we use computers properly and waste management.

Being a student of my proud university, and being a student who is commonly using computers on our computer laboratory, I can adopt green campus computing on my own simple ways. First, after using the computer, it must be properly shut down, not only the system unit we used but also the monitor and unplug it so that we can save and consume energy accordingly. According to an advertisement about energy saving, power off the appliances is not only the way to save energy, like television. It must be properly off and unplug the plugging, simply like computers. Of course, monitors are also television. Secondly, if theres no one using the computers, and we observed that some computers are working, we must have our own initiative to turn it off. We must not wait for the instructors to tell us to. Still, we are saving energy in that case and we are saving the cost as well. Third, some students in our university, especially the one using the computer laboratory loves to change the screen saver of the monitor. According to the research, using of colorful and moving screen saver may also consume large amount of energy. Try to use one color or not that colorful screen saver to save energy. Fourth, do not abuse the usage of computers. Computers also have their own heating and cooling device. It may not only creating energy consumption increase, also, its cost increases. And lastly, do not destroy or steal any parts of the computers in the computer laboratory, like mouse or other cases CPU. It will also involved that the system unit itself may lead to damage and of course, buying another parts of it can give our university another hassle. In cases, its still our lost because we are the only one using the laboratory.

Lets just be aware of whats happening in our community today.


hannah hernandez said...

I'm glad that I read and knew about what Green Campus Computing is. Its nice to be aware of things like these so that we can help minimize such problems. By being aware that such things are happening and that we are the ones that causes such pollution and energy wastes, we can teach ourselves to change our old bad habits. we can change those bad habits and help the environment all at the same time. please join in passing the awareness of green campus computing.God bless.

kEt kAwEn said...

giving me the knowledge on how to use computer properly is a big thanks to you..