Thursday, June 26, 2008

...OSS aWaReneSS...

According to the research I've made, OSS or the Open Source Software defined as a computer software for which the human-readable source code is made available under a copyright license or arrangement such as the public domain, meaning OSS is a free software that doesn't undergone any fees at all. This permits users to use, change, and improve the software, and to redistribute it in modified or unmodified form.

Open Source Software is a big help to be use in schools. Thus, the privilege given to the students given them the chance to open or even download the software. OSS can also teach students to learn how to use a range of software. They can be aware of using not only one software but many software they can as long as it is free.

British Educational Communications and Technology Agency (BECTA) had there surveys to those OSS schools to non-OSS schools. The report discovered that those who implements OSS in there schools spent up to 50% less on there total cost. Meaning, if our school implements OSS, it may lessen up the cost were paying for a license software. And because license is not in terms,though there is still license to it, the school are not liable for any legal basis.

In implementing OSS in my school, USEP may install those OSS sofware as an optional alternative to those of not OSS software. Such as instead of Windows, install Linus as well. One way is that the community in USEP may also know whats the important or special role of OSS in the school, perhaps, conducting seminars to higher people are necessary. Relatively, we also must know what are those software included in OSS.



hannah hernandez said...

..i have used a lot of Open source software without really knowing that its an OSS. actually, all the softwares i download and use are all OSS. Its nice to know that such softwares exists that people or students like us who don't really have the money to buy softwares can utilize, share and even change such softwares.

Kate said...

i hope our school is willing to adopt OSS. yes, i agree that we should first orient the higher-ups what an OSS is before implementing it in the university. :-)

kharen said...

at first,i really dont understand the benifit of using OSS, but during our assignment on OSS, thats the time, it came up to my mind that its very useful..
well,it was not yet introduced to the public..
go gel,i-intoduced sa..