Saturday, June 14, 2008

..A jOb dEscRiptiOn..

i want to be a WEB DEVELOPER..

>>>a graduate of any related programming courses..
>>>female or male as long as he/she can work without any time required..

SALARY>>>depends on the company your working..

>>>>must be skilled in web design, software engineering, and database administration..
>>>>knowledgeable in using Java Script and JScript and other programming languages..
>>>>must be patient and having an intellectual skills..
>>>>must be computer literate..


resha Valentine said...

..web developer.!! We have a lot of classmates and friends who also wants to be a web developer, it seems a lot of you are really rooting for that job,huh.?!
..well, good luck. A lot of self studying to be done for all of us.

kEt kAwEn said...

..a web deveLopEr huh!!
..weLL i hopE you couLd puRsUe that dream..
..same with me..jeje..
..gudLuck oweiz and gOdbLess

☻MaGZ☻ said...

nice choice..
I hope you could achieve your dream of becoming a web developer someday..
keep it up!