Wednesday, September 30, 2009

...tOp-tiEr jOurnALS..

Top-tier journals are not that low level kind of journals. Example of the top tier journals are CSP, ACM, i3E. ACM is the world’s largest educational and scientific computing society, delivers resources that advance computing as a science and a profession. ACM provides the computing field's premier Digital Library and serves its members and the computing profession with leading-edge publications, conferences, and career resources. “The Association has become aware of a check fraud scheme where fraudulent checks that appear to come from the Association for Computing Machinery are being used to purchase items from Craigslist or possibly eBay. The Association does not make such purchases. You should contact your local police authorities if you receive one of these fraudulent checks.”, based from their website, ACM is said to be one of the leading deliverers of good quality journals. That is why, ACM is said to be one of the top-tier journals in the world today. Next journal is the I3E or the Institute 3E. I3E was been founded by Jon DiFlorio with their motto of “True success reflects a mutual commitment to excellence and integrity.”. Institute 3E has devoted themselves to discovering the path to athletic excellence. The answer is multifaceted, and Institute 3E has created a unique training facility with programs that are transforming athletic careers. “Traditional strength training often fails to include key elements that are essential for continued athletic superiority. New discoveries in sports science are shedding light on ways to achieve peak performance. Institute 3E is on the cutting edge of these conclusive approaches by incorporating physical conditioning, mental edge coaching, sports nutrition, lifestyle enhancement, as well as integrated medicine. Each athlete receives individual evaluations leading to personalized programming guaranteed to redefine and improve the athlete's speed, strength and overall abilities, and extract peak performances on a regular basis. No one is more committed to athletic success than Insititute 3E.”, from ACM and I3E differ itself because basically ACM is a scientific computing society while the I3E is for athletic issues and news. Why are they become popular in their line of field?

Being a journalist during my elementary and in my high school days, I have gone to many activities and seminars to enhance my writing skills. But I don’t know it has been enhanced. So my answer in this question would basically base on the learning’s I have learned during that year, if could still remember it.

In writing or creating a journal, it should be precise and on time. Precise or be exact is the right word to be exact. Sometimes, journalist writes their own topic just according to their points of view or in relation with what they feel. They sometimes draw different corners from what they are writing. Meaning, “paligoy-ligoy effect”. and sometimes they add words or create issues on which it is not real, just to gather the sympathy of the audience or for their personal intentions only. Exactness of the article should be base on time. Do not write an article today which is done yesterday. But in research, it is different. You can write a good research paper based on what has been searched in the past. Next in line is that, write an article which is unique. Article sometimes tend to have its duplicate idea or duplicate issue or topic. One of my adviser in elementary said that in one topic, there are lots of ideas that can be used in order to make a good article about the topic alone even if you have lots of competitors in the trend. Write an article which is different and have different taste from the others. Next is the reliability. Write an article which is really reliable. Do not create or write an article that it was just been intended to catch the audience interest even if there were issues and false issues on it. A good writer should possess a good quality of being reliable as well so that the audience will love the article even the journalist too. Next is the relevance. Same with that it is precise and on time. The article should be relevant to the public’s interest. So that the reader’s won’t say that the article is from another planet or where places in the world. Next is the presentation. The presentation should be ideal and can be seen neatly and clearly. It also should be in proper order so that the reader can read it nice. Next is the credibility. Credibility is the real basis of a good journal. Once the credibility is questioned, no audience will still be interested in reading or purchasing the journal. The main factor of a good journalism is towards the audience directly. To impress directly but not to the extent that the writer should write lies on their journals.

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