Saturday, September 26, 2009

...fOr Our futUrE cArEer...

In creating a full blown or a significant research, it must be said to have a good research topic, in which it was never been easy to us. Really, creating the topic alone is difficult, maybe because the theme is too broad to be identified clearly, or maybe because, it was me who made it difficult.

Research, to be defined first, is actually creating or revising what is being searched before. That’s why it is called research. Research then is something that is on your own idea, formulating a solution to problem. But somehow to me, research is a problem. Joke. In formulating a research topic, it must be in accordance to the theme, to the trend, and somehow helpful. That’s why it is called research by then.

I remember what our instructor said about our lesson in research. Research is not about just passing the subject alone, but creating or evaluating an idea that is on the trend this time together with the theme with matching on the level of the studies of the researchers. Actually, what really makes hard on creating a research topic is the fact that it will be implemented on the later run. I hate programming or creating systems. I don’t know why I ended up becoming a 4th year student only to find out that programming is not my forte, so much for that discussion. Next, in formulating a research topic, it must be in line with the theme, which is green campus computing and it should be a technical report on which it must consist of statistics, graphs, or a program itself. Green campus computing or green computing is a broad topic to be discussed. On our advocacy last year about it, green computing is somehow creating or making a possible simple solution to the new trend technology today on how to use it properly. Then, somehow, technicalities are not on the sense of it, on the first look. But actually, it has many ideas but somehow not on the level of knowledge of an IT or a CS student. There are some being done as a gadget, green gadget that is intended to be provided as an alternative to the one being used today. But actually, that was not the real question. I was just bluffing because it is not that really simple in creating a research topic, even the topic itself.

The real question is “What do you think is the role of research topic in deciding your future career?”. Like what I have discussed in above paragraph, research is somehow a document that it is intended to solve problems with simple ideas, or somehow solving big problems with your idea based on readings, article, facts, and books.
Like what I said again on the paragraph above, creating research topic is not that easy. Once you create a research problem, the researcher must first ask himself / herself with what might be the possible problems to be tackled. And that makes me think that research topic is somehow not that difficult to find, it’s the problem to be solved is the difficult one.

During the day wherein almost my classmate’s research proposal has been approved, it was in me who made it difficult. The first that comes out from my mind is that, what might be the problems that should or might be intended to be solved in line with the theme and should be simple but helpful? In the real world alone, without analyzing what we are doing, we are actually creating our own research topic. We are solving our problem in a sense of putting things together. After the class, me and my partner went out to the field and keep looking at the world around us. In that scenario, I was actually seeing the deep side of the world on which I never seen before. There were lots of problems to be discussed, it’s just were taking things simply, not seriously.
What do you think is the role of research topic in deciding my future career? I really don’t know the answer. Joke. The role of research topic in deciding my future career is simple, but I can’t explain. Joke again. In this question, it made me think that is it really a great help for me? My former classmates once told me that research is a great help for me especially in applying for job. It’s one of the basis or factor to tell that you are adequate or have a reasonable qualification to be hired. But not all research topics are good. Research topics are all acceptable, but not all are good. What if the research is for 30 years ago application solution, so it’s not on the trend, so one factor that it is a big help for my future career is after my career as a student here in university.

On the real world basis, actually, once a person has a problem, that person should or must have the guts to solve it. He or she is actually creating his or her own research documentation with implementation. Just like in research alone, it must have a problem to be solved. So in real world, research is really in working. Another thing, it is somehow creating your own research topic to be discussed and to have a formulation of creating solution to the problem.
The conclusion is that research topic is not only formulated or become useful in the economy alone, or in the industry or after graduation, research topic is somehow become useful even in the daily living. We do actually researches every day, it’s just we don’t tend to evaluate it as a research in real.

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