Wednesday, September 30, 2009

...Let's CoMmEnt...

Since this topic is to comment from the answer of my classmates in Assignment Number 7, I will now dominate the chance to answer them in a manner of something. Just kidding. Since our theme for this year’s research proposal is about green campus computing, I will now have to comment about what George Dan Gil Duran’s answer. The article he has mentioned is about Green computing: IBM introduces new energy management software By Manufacturing Business Technology Staff –
Manufacturing Business Technology. “No matter where discovery takes place, IBM Researchers push the boundaries of science, technology and business to make the world work better. Our global network of scientists work on a range of applied and exploratory research projects to help clients, governments and universities apply scientific breakthroughs to solve real-world business and societal challenges.”

In this article he mentioned that as part of IBM’s Project Big Green, they have announced new software developed in order to help costumers in maximizing the energy efficiency and reduced cost associated with power and cooling. This latest version of IBM Tivoli Monitoring (ITM) software combines views of energy management information that enable optimization across data centers and facilities infrastructures. Monitoring capabilities offer customers the ability to understand energy usage and alert data center managers to potential energy-related problems and take preventive action. Historical trending and forecasting capabilities enable greater precision in existing environments and energy planning. Autonomic capabilities allow customers to set power and utilization thresholds to help control energy usage. The new software can also help customers handle physical constraints in the data center relating tospace, power, andcooling. This new software of IBM provide not just in data centers but also in non-IT assets such as air conditioning equipment, power distribution units, lighting, and security systems. IBM will join forces with nine partners to offer IBM's IT management expertise with solutions that will allow customers to monitor and control energy consumption across their enterprise to help reduce power consumption and energy costs and better maintain service levels. The partners include:APC and TAC by Schneider Electric: Eaton Corporation: Emerson Network Power JohnsonControls,Inc.Matrikon: OSIsoft: Siemens Building Technologies: SynapSenseCorporation: VMware:

This article simply defines about a technical research about green campus computing. On which is really a great help to us. One example on which what we should do and to create about our research this trend today. Since green campus computing is really about how to make ways on which the user in technology helps save the environment, the idea of IBM is a great help. Not only to satisfy what has the user wanted but also to satisfy the need of the ecosystem. And since that, they have included partners to this project, this maybe is no questionable of this thing would really happen. Green campus computing is now on the trend today, specifically it is being used or common to everyone, especially to those who interacts with technology.

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