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When I first got into school, that was 14 years ago., my teacher asked me about what do I want to be when I grow up. I don't know what I answered that time but when I scanned my preschool yearbook, I found out that my first dream is to become a nurse someday. But right now, becoming a nurse is not one of my options. I hate blood! In my elementary years, I remembered of becoming a teacher. I like teaching. That is my fortes. I remembered before that I was teaching my grade 1 nephews and nieces when I was still in grade 5. But during my high school time, I changed my mind again.

Studying in USEP is not actually an option, it was already been planned. My mother told me that if I will go to college, USEP would fit in. But ending up as an IT student is big question to me. That was actually during my 1st and 2nd year in college. From teaching students their lesson turned out of becoming a programmer, someday. Actually, programming is not my cup of tea, but as time goes by, still its not my cup of tea. Joke. Andito na lang man din ako, why not trying to embrace the course I'm in.

For the past years in USEP and in IC, my future looks dim, but, theres but, now I can see some thin light on some point of the end of the road. Naks. Looking at my self 5 years from now is really a big challenge to me. But that would definitely ending up my vision in Life. And what is it? To become an IT professional, and to become one of the pride of my school. I know that vision is like reaching for the distant star. And whats the use of my goals? I can reach it by step by step process. Being an IT student, for now, I will do my very best to achieve my vision by studying harder, practice programming more, managing time accordingly, having enough rest for the next day's challenge, make sure that there will be less cramming moments, not to depend on someone(if others can do, why can't I), not to depend on teachers lectures only, and most specially, have faith with God's blessings and mercy. I believe that reaching my dream is not that hard to do. According nga sa kasabihan na “nasa tao ang gawa, nasa Diyos ang awa!”. For now, my vision would definitely to graduate this course not more that 5 years. Hope so!

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