Tuesday, March 24, 2009

...CatALUnAn EscApAde...

Last February 27, of this year, me and my fellow SCHOLARS Youth, together with our beloved pastor and his family went to Catalunan Grande to relay the words of God that he had given us. Actually, I'm just a somewhat we called joiners to the group. You will just find out by looking at the pictures below. During this night, we had a all night celebration with the SCHOLARS Band and of course by hearing the words of GOD. It was an overwhelming event since that the youth at Catalunan participated in the said YOUTH CRUSADE. God is really wonderful that time because he stopped the rain, and even though mag-rain pa xa, we will still continue to create a slam bang crusade at the place.

This picture was taken after the event. Actually, naglilinis na lng kami nito. We had the crusade at the covered court sa Catalunan, kaya okey pa rin ang place.

The picture at the right ang nagpapatunay na joiner lang ako. They were all wearing the same shirt, ako lang ang hindi. Huhuhu.. But still, I'm proud to be a scholar.

Para hindi ma-offend, I had a solo pic. Jejeje..

It was really an overwhelming and heartbreaking event seeing the youth sa Catalunan na umiiyak when they had the chance to hear and experience God in them. Nakaka-touch seeing them after being prayed over by our pastor na talagang umiiyak sa ila with all their hearts. I prayed that another event like this will happened again.

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