Saturday, June 20, 2009

...My ReActiOn oN LAdy's PoSt...

It was quiet funny remembering what our Professor told us about our blog entries. Its jokes, poems, or love stories. And after how many months without publishing anything in this blog, here I’ am, commenting on what my friend said and this time, about Love. What's new by the way?

Isn't it really wonderful hearing the words of Love. But sometimes it overused. That even a person don’t have something feelings on someone, he/she can use it. Like what Lady said, Love is magic. Magic pala talaga, how I wished I know how that magic can be used properly. But so much for that. She said that once you are in love, you can violate laws and rules. True. But why is it like that?? Why once we are in love, we are blinded by our own feelings?? Why is it that we only feels the happiness and not the risk by getting hurt?? Sad but true. Whew. The one speaking this words, I mean ME, pretends that she never did do those things before. Well, actually, I did. It's just, I’m just as weak as other person, and tend to pretend strong, and tend to pretend that I learned even though I keep on doing those same things again and again. It's just sound true to me but in the end, once I let myself feel the same feelings again, it's over and done. All the things I thought I learned will automatically vanish.

She also said that forgiving and forgetting always accompanies love. Meaning, that even the awful thing one person could do for you as long as you love that person, never really matters. What matters is that the person accepts his/her mistake/s, ask for forgiveness and promise that he/she won’t do that again. But what if that person did the same thing twice, thrice, or many times already. When do really loves occur?? When do really loves still can be called as love?? When can a certain person proves to that someone that she/he loves that someone?? When does heart can forgive and forget?? Kailan ba ang limitation ng pusong magpatawad at the same time, kailan ba ito magsasawa?? If you really love that someone, will the heart tend to forgive even though its too much pain is at risk?? Even though you look stupid behind it.

Im not sayin that I never did tried forgiving the person I love from my past. But in return, he did betray me for doing the same things again behind my back. In that case, I tend ti think for myself. Its better getting hurt by losing that person than receving much pain from that same person. I don't believe in the saying that there are many fishes in the ocean. Kasi kahit gaano pa karami ang isda sa dagat, you will never tend to teach your heart whom to fell in love with. React?? Again, I dont believe that there is someone out on the traffic light who is deserving to each one of us. For me, each has the capability and capacity to be the right one. But if he/she is never meant for you, it will never be even if how hard you tried on it. And lastly, I dont believe in DESTINY. Kung sa text nga, if destiny mo is not so so likely creature, can you accept it?? But then again, well never know, malay mo, siya talaga ang para sayo. If someone comes along, I believe it has a reason. And that reason can be answered if you worked things out together

I remember one text message from a friend. Being with someone you have right now is not by DESTINY, it’s a choice. Its not also that destiny decides who you fell in love with. It’s your choice. Its the choice between two people that relationships last. Its they're choice to work with it, fight for it, and to make it last. If one relationship fails, it the choice of one of the two to let ot fail. Its not only that love last the relationship. Love binds them and get into a relationship. Cause for me, love fades, no matter how great it is.


informaxona said...

yes it's true..

take my relationship with her as an example... it was never a destiny... it was a choice to accept her.. to continue what i've felt for her.. maybe you just have to prove that you have made the right choice at the end...

and for me, i do not believe that a person is meant for another person.. there is no such thing as fated for each other... to explain this... please watch THE SECRET! it will detail every single thing you want to know... about

kharen said...

i do believe that love fades..really

i've not just heard about it..

i myself witnessed that to some of my acquaintances..

as for me, i'm just waiting for that moment to come, IF it will come to me..hehe

for now, i just don't want to care..

once i've been torn between my heart and my mind and i followed my heart..

i get hurt but i never regretted my choice...

everyone's bound to get hurt anyway..

and for now, i am still in the state of not learning my lesson..

i still want to follow my heart werever it leads me..